In addition to the other featured details, Concept Analyst has many extra features to make stress analysis simpler and faster.

Automatic report generator

Concept Analyst can be used to generate a complete report on the analysis and reanalysis of a model

Run the analysis and start a report file containing default geometry information. Choose high definition report quality contour plots and customise your report by adding them with xy-plots, internal plots and deformed shape displacement plots. Close the report file and annotate your conclusions.

The report is created as an HTML file with can be edited with any text editor such as MS Notepad. Click here to see the report file created in the session in the video.

Internal line plots

Concept Analyst is so flexible in allowing you to display results on any line you choose.

Run the analysis and display contours of the results quantity you want to plot. Then click the internal line plot icon to sketch a line and see a graph of your chosen results quantity plotted over that line.

The line can even pass through a hole; it will display a zero result for all points inside the hole.

As with all graph plots, the display is designed to be interactive. See how the white circle follows the graph line when the cursor is moved inside the graph window. The accurate (x,y) location and results value at the point are displayed.