Concept Analyst is quick. This is because of the user-friendly and automated modelling features and the Boundary Element Method it uses to solve the numerical model. More technical details can be found on the Technical information page if you wish. Essentially, the use of this analysis method makes Concept Analyst the ideal tool for 2D linear elastostatic stress analysis that allows for rapid analysis of simple 2D objects.

Quick build & analysis

Many of the laborious and time-consuming requirements of model definition are automated in Concept Analyst with the philosophy to produce a tool that is as easy to use as possible.

The result is a series of user-friendly mouse operations. Once you are familiar with Concept Analyst building and analysing models can be done in seconds.

The video shows an analysis done purely on a sketched model. You can also enter accurate geometric information for more precision in model creation. more...

Concept Analyst will also generate a thorough and customisable report file, complete with summary and conclusions should you wish! more...

See the quick start tutorial for instructions on how to use Concept Analyst.